Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wednesday May 22

Maggie here to dinner after which we went up on to the hill to the cabin by the spring, Lucy, Kate & Lizzie, & little Sarah going in the buggy, the others across the woods by the "Heads of Ichabod".  We had a pleasant time and came home and found Ephe and Mr. Fleeke here.  They staid to tea.  Lucy made them bouquets from the garden of red, white and blue.  Ephe has another letter from Rufus.  He has increased his company to 100 men and tendered their services to the governor of Wisconsin, who accepts them with a promise of a place in the 1st Regiment.  Whether they are sent in the first or some other regiment there is little doubt but they will have a chance to see service.  May He, in whose hand our life is, watch over and preserve him.

Editor's comments:
This sounds like a pleasant day for the Cutler and Dawes women.  Julia was accompanied by her sister-in-law Lizzie, along with Lizzie's sister Maggie, and Lizzie's daughter Sarah (who was 6 years old), and Julia's nieces Lucy and Kate Dawes.

"Ephe" is Ephraim Cutler Dawes, Julia's nephew and the youngest brother of Lucy and Kate Dawes.  In 1861, he was 21, and he would later join the 53rd Ohio Regiment.  Brother Rufus Dawes had been working for their father in Wisconsin when Lincoln called for volunteers.  He raised a company which was attached with the 6th Wisconsin Volunteers.

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