Friday, June 24, 2011

Monday June 24, 1861

The "State Fencibles" have been ordered back toward Chillicothe and their places taken by the "Eggleston Guards".  Capt. Carters Company from Cincinnati -- Sergeant Buell and five men of this Company took breakfast here, some of them Germans, all of them very civil.  Their uniform is very neat, bluish grey coats and pants of the same with broad black stripes down the sides, fatigue caps and brown linen havelocks.  
A letter from Mr. Walton today; their dear and only daughter, little Lucy Margaret is dead.  It is a sore affliction, God comfort them under it.  She died Tuesday, June 18, 7 o'clock P. M. of inflamation of the stomach & bowels.  I wrote to Clara.
Lucy and Ephraim came on train.  William went to Chillicothe.

Editor's Comments:
The individual companies gave themselves names and initially had uniforms particular to them. The term "fencibles" refers to men who enlisted in the military for the defense of their homeland.
Colors of the Columbus Fencibles, OVI

Clara Cutler Walton was Julia's youngest sister and she lived in Pana, Illinois.  Julia's niece, Lucy Margaret, was 4 years old when she died.  


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