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Wednesday June 19

Many of the horses passed down again and toward night & in the evening upwards of fifty wagons passed up, every horse & every wagon marked U. S.  In the afternoon seven cars loaded with soldiers passed down; also the steamer Transfer covered with troops.  These are the German Regiment, Ninth Regiment O.V.M.  Two other boats passed in the evening which appeared to have soldiers aboard.  They were the Cold-Water Flying Artillery from Michigan.  One of their number was one of the famous 600.  Kate went to Joel Demings to dinner.  A battle is reported at Booneville, Missouri, in which the Government forces under Gen. Lyons were victorious.  The rebels having three hundred killed and six hundred taken prisoner.

Editor's Comments:
The 9th Ohio Infantry Regiment was Ohio's first all-German unit to enter the Union Army during the Civil War.  They organized in Cincinnati and originally enlisted for 3 months.  Most of them re-inlisted and served for 3 years.  Because Marietta Ohio was on both the Ohio River and the Cincinnati and Marietta Rail Road line (of which Julia's brother William was Vice-President), the Cutlers were able to observe a considerable amount of troop movement from the west to the east in the early months of the war.

The Flying Artillery refers to an artillery brigade on horseback.

Julia's account that 300 rebels were killed and 600 taken prisoner at the Battle of Boonville is evidence that initial newspaper reports were often erroneous. The Battle of Boonville Missouri actually had few casualties with only a few dozen secessionists killed and approximately 80 captured.  However, this battle did enable federal forces to maintain control of the Missouri River.   
Battle of Boonville

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