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Tuesday June 18, 1861

William took Lizzie with him to Chillicothe today.  Ephraim Dawes went with them as far as Big Sand to attend to some business for William.  Sent the soldiers six cherry pies, a quantity of biscuits and Kate sent the cakes, etc. This afternoon one hundred and five horses, in harness, passed up.  Two hundred and ten horses were shipped on the Stephen Decator with a number of army wagons from Cincinnati a few days ago.  The steamboat stuck upon a bar in the river below & these horses which passed here were taken off to lighten the boat.  There was a man to every three horses.  They seemed to be Germans.  These horses probably belong to the Artillery now at Camp Putnam, en route for Virginia.  It looks like War.  
The Convention now in session in Wheeling has passed an ordinance for the Government of Virginia, declaring eastern Virginia or rather the Gov. Letcher, etc. in a state of insurrection & vacating state offices.  The Convention is said to comprise a large amount of talent, Carlisle being the prominent man.  They appear to act with deliberation, and under a solemn sense of their responsibility.  Terrorism reigns in many parts of Virginia, in Tennessee, and indeed throughout the south.  Union men fleeing for their lives, & sometimes not escaping at all.  It is horrible.

Editor's comments:
Stephen Decatur was an American naval hero after whom many vessels have been named.  The steamboat Decatur was the earliest American example of a coasting packet boat powered by a "screw" propeller.
Steamboat Decatur

In Wheeling, Virginia a meeting at the Custom House declared that the previous month's Secession by Virginia was void and that “the offices of all who adhere to the said Convention and Executive, whether legislative, executive or judicial, are vacated.”  The western part of Virginia was asserting that in voting for secession, those officials in Virginia--from Governor Letcher on down--were abandoning their offices.  

Virginia's Governor Letcher

The Wheeling Virginia Custom House

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