Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sabbath June 23

Mr. Star, the agent of the Bible Society, preached in the morning.  Mr. Andrews disappointed us.  Messrs. Cox, Niel, Houston, Gill & Buck of the Fencibles were at meeting.  Their uniform is deep blue pants with a stripe of black down the side.  Jackets of the same, ornamented with brass buttons, white belts and straps across the shoulders with a medallion on the breast.  Cape red.  Sergeants Cox & Niel wore broad red sashes.  They are under Capt. Crumb.  Mr. Gill took dinner with us, he is a nephew of Mrs. Noah L. Wilson and a pleasant fellow.  Mrs. Chapin & her daughter, Mrs. Collier called.  They had been down to Parkersburg to see a friend in the Nineteenth Regiment, but found that Regiment had moved to Grafton.  They broke their carriage and waited here while the young men who drove them found another conveyance.  Mr. Star had a Bible meeting this evening at 5 o'clock.  I paid my yearly subscription, two dollars.  We sent George Cutler to Parkersburg with some things, a letter & money for George E. Cutler from William.

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