Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunday June 16

We all went to meeting.  Mr. Andrews preached on the "popularity of Christ".  1st Lieut. Steadman, 2nd Lieut. Deshler, and Sergeant Rhodes, and several soldiers of Company B 22nd regiment attended church.  Mr. Andrews preached at 4 o'clock at Scott's Landing to the Soldiers especially.  It seems very strange to us to have soldiers in our midst, but they have been orderly & respectful.  The rations sent them have not been abundant.  The bread often so moldy it could not be eaten.  In this neighborhood the people have been very considerate and have either sent them provisions or invited them to their houses.  Still it is wrong that they are not properly supplied with wholesome food, and is calculated to make the service unpopular.  Mr. Blackinton has arrived from Tenn. where he and Mrs. B- have been teaching.  Being of northern origin he found it best to leave.  His family are in Indiana.

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