Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saturday June 22, 1861

This morning about three o'clock William & Lizzie got home, there were nine cars in the train filled with soldiers, most of them guards for the Railroad between Belpre & Athens.  Those on the trestles next below here were at our house to breakfast.  Orderly Sergeant Cox & three men. They are the "State Fencibles" from Columbus, business men, who are disposed to do a little amateur soldiering.  The Fencibles have charge of the Union road.  At the "Tunnel Station" there is a company of Zouaves from Dayton.  Company B of the 22" have gone to Virginia on this train.  The uniform of the Fencibles is much more showy than that of our O. V. Militia.  They are provided with everything essential to their comfort.  The volunteers dress in blue pantaloons and blouse with a black belt and buckle inscribed O.V.M.  They have fatigue caps though many of them wear hats in preference.
Miss Sara Emerson & her brother George Emerson from Lake Superior & Mrs. Bailey called this evening.  Mr. Emerson has been in Virginia lately.  He says he was surprised to find how great the terror of the Northern army is.  After all the south have said of Northern cowardice & southern prowess, we are surprised to see their armed men flying before our soldiers without even risking a battle.  A fleet of ten steamboats all came in sight at once in the river below here.  They bore the army transports returning.  Henry O. M'Clure has volunteered in the 17" Regiment and goes tonight to Parkersburg to join his company.

Editor's comments:
Julia often comments of train transport which was how her brother William traveled to Chillicothe, Ohio, to conduct railroad business for the Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road, and also how many troops were transported to Virginia.

There were about 25 small railroad companies in Ohio at the time.  They generally were named for their beginning and ending stations and seemed to merge and reorganize over time.  In 1861, the Marietta & Cincinnati ran three trains east and three trains west each day.  It took William about 5 hours to reach Chillicothe.

The stations nearest Marietta heading east were:
Scott's Landing
Little Hocking
Big Run
New England

Heading west from Marietta on the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road were:
Belpre, Ohio
Parkersburg, Virginia
West Union

Some of these names might seem familiar because there had been skirmishes along the rail road.

Here's an 1875 map of the Rail Road:  (The Cutlers lived in Constitution, just a few miles south of Marietta, Ohio)


  1. Is "The Old Stone House" still standing? If so, where exactly is it?

    1. Sadly, the Old Stone House is no longer standing. The Cutlers moved out, I believe, in the 1870s. I have posted two jpgs which might be helpful in the "Places" tab above. One is a line drawing of the farm and the other is a partial 1875 map of Warren Township. Good luck!