Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friday July 26

Mr. Burgess and William Erwin here to dinner.  
This morning the Ohio 19" regiment passed up returning from the War.  This regiment under Col. Beattie was at the Rich Mountain fight and acted admirably, strictly obeying orders.  They poured into the enemy two well directed volleys doing great execution.  Some of the captured rebels said "They did not much mind the charge of the Indianians but they could not stand before the regular troops", referring to the Ohio 19" who from the steadiness and precision with which they fired were mistaken for a corps of the regular army.
The Washington county regiment it is believed will be raised.  Eight companies have already signified a wish to belong to it.  Esq. Moore from the Tunnel is getting up a company.  Col. Barnett's Cleveland Artillery are now at Camp Chase, Columbus.  They will reenlist for the war.
From all the accounts of both parties I am convinced that there was no lack of bravery in our soldiers, at Manassas.  The charges they made were most brilliant, scarcely ever surpassed.  Thank God, our countrymen are not cowards. When sure they are right, they go ahead.  The effect upon the public mind of the retreat of our men has been to stir up the military ardor to the highest pitch.  Lt. Gen. Scott will have as many men as he wants.

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