Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sabbath July 14

No minister today.  Elder Joel Deming conducted services.  A good congregation.  I suppose Mr. Andrews is today with M'Clellan near Laurel Hill.  Mr. Andrews started into Virginia last Monday.  He is ardently patriotic and desires earnestly to take part in the struggle or in some way be useful to his country.  It is said that McClellan will employ him either as Chaplain or as Topographical engineer.  I was pained that those who led in prayer today forgot to pray for their country.  Thousands of our country men have adventured their lives in the battle field.  Possibly our own Ohio boys may even today confront the canon's mouth.  Can we not even ask of Him who disposes all events that He will fight for those who fight for us and contend with them who contend against us.  Mrs. Burgess sent for Lizzie to come up and see Maggie.  She is not so well.  The Eggleston guards sent home plates with thanks.  They leave in the morning.

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