Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saturday July 13

The girls returned from Marietta by morning train.  The parents of young Vornholt publish a card of thanks to the Eggleston Guards, who attended their son and to the McClures for their hospitality & kindness.
Lizzie and I went up to see Maggie who is still unable to sit up.  Lizzie sent a basket of blackberry pies and ginger cakes to the Eggleston Guards.  A victory of M'Clellan's forces under General Rosencrans at Rich Mountain near Laurel Hill is reported.  One hundred or more of the enemy killed and several hundred prisoners taken, the rest routed.  Col. Pegram, the rebel commander with 600 men surrendered.

Peggy's comments:
I am often amazed at the juxtaposition of family matters, concerns about friends, and war news in Julia's journal.  In looking at the original, I think that she sometimes wrote more than once during the day, recording what was on her mind at various times and catching up at the end of the day.

In this entry, the girls are Annie  Cutler, Lizzie's older daughter, and Kate Dawes, Julia's niece who lived with the Cutlers.

Maggie is Lizzie's sister who is apparently still sick.

Lizzie, like many women, was quite industrious baking for the troops.  Here's an envelope that was printed during the Civil War.

The news about the surrender of Col Pegram refers to Col. John Pegram who had been serving in the US Army but resigned in May of 1861.  He was 29 at the time of this battle.  Here's a summary of the battle by the National Park Service.

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