Friday, July 29, 2011

Monday July 29

I made blackberry wine.
Capt. Pierce's men left on a special train this morning.  They waved and cheered as they passed.  About noon the fire Zouaves of Marietta, Capt. Shaw, were distributed.  Ephe went to Camp Cole to invite that squad to dinner.  He found but one man and he could not leave.  Kate spent the afternoon with Maggie.  Later accounts put a better face on the Manassas affair.  Loss on our side less than at first supposed, gallantry of our troops well established.  Much dissatisfaction is felt with Gen. Patterson for not preventing Gen. Johnston reinforcing Bouregard at Manassas.  Gen. Banks supersedes Patterson.

Peggy's Comments:
Frustration and second-guessing was beginning to happen about the conduct and decision-making of Union generals.  Here are some eye-witness accounts and here's a summary of a Congressional report regarding the Battle at Manassas.

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