Monday, July 25, 2011

Thursday July 25

A letter from William speaks of the battle of Bulls Run on Saturday.  Secretary Cameron had given him a pass into Virginia to see the fight, but he observes in a letter subsequent that he was too busy to go though many of the members went.  I am sorry to see that Sec. Cameron lost a brother in the fight at Manassas.  Colonel Cameron.  His body has not been found.  Every heart is sad over the catastrophe, sorry for the dead and wounded, sorry for the mourner, sorry that God's holy day was thus desecrated, sorry for the dishonor of our troops in their head-long fight.  God permits us to be thus humbled that we may realize more fully our dependence on Him and our own unworthiness.  Painful particulars are today published.
A storm is brewing on the Great Kanawha.  Gov. Wise is being largely reinforced and a battle near Charleston may soon be expected.  A number of our regiments and those of Indiana are now going home.  I trust, however, that Gen'ls Cox & Rosecrans will receive such reinforcements as will enable them to keep the enemy at bay.  Gen. M'Clellan has gone to Washington.  May God make him as successful there as he has been in western Virginia.  The Ohio 14" under Col. Steadman has now gone home, their time being out.  This regiment from the north west corner of the state has done good service and won laurels for itself.  They bore the brunt of the battle at Carricks Ford on Cheat river.  It is said that two thirds of all our regiments will re-inlist.  Col Norton has been released on parole.  He is severely wounded, but is now among friends.
We feel anxious to hear more from Charlestown.  A defeat of our forces there would probably precipitate the enemy upon Parkersburg and perhaps upon the Ohio border.  
Ephe got home from Amesville today.  Spent last night in Marietta.  He says William has procured the acceptance of a Washington Co. regiment if they can be raised in fifteen days.  
A letter from Annie Dean says the Mr. & Mrs. Munsell have gone back to Illinois and will go in the fall to Kansas where he has bought a small farm near Baldwin City.

Peggy's comments:
It amazes me that passes were issued by the Secretary of War so that Congressmen could view a battle!  Citizens did, however, used to view Revolutionary War battles.

The upcoming battle in the Kanawha valley in Virginia was worrisome to Julia.  Gov. Wise had been the governor of Virginia, had resigned when Virginia seceded and then joined the Confederate Army as a General.

Annie Dean was Julia's niece (the daughter of Julia's half-sister Mary Cutler).  Mrs. Munsell, also a niece, was Mary, Annie's sister.

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