Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saturday, Jan. 25

Nancy took Dolly and Bonnie and went after Kate and the children and brought them home on horseback.  It is pleasant to get them back again.  Seven men putting up fence today.  Hope the most necessary part will be done to-night.  Kate brought home a basket full of mail matter, two letters from William.  The Seventy Third Regiment, Col. Orland Smith, passed down enroute to Virginia in two trains of eighteen cars each.  They hurrahed vigorously as they passed.  We have some acquaintances in the regiment.

Peggy's comments:
Nancy Carlin worked in the kitchen for the Cutlers.  She took the horses, Dolly and Bonnie, to retrieve Julia's niece Kate Dawes and Lizzie and William's children, Annie and Sarah, from the Burgess's home which was on higher ground.

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