Monday, January 16, 2012

Thursday, Jan. 16

Sky has cleared and sun shines pleasantly.  Mr. and Mrs. Burgess called this afternoon.  Today's paper indicates important military movements begun.  The Burnside expedition has already salied some say to operate in North Carolina.  Others assert in Virginia.  Butler's expedition menaces New Orleans.  The Port Royal expedition has advanced to within a short distance of the city of Charleston.  Gen. Pope has been doing good service in Missouri capturing some 1500 of the enemy.  The aspect of affairs has improved in that region.

An expedition has already left Cairo to operate against Columbus, Ky. by land and water, under Gens. Grant and M'Clernaud.  A fleet of gun boats under the command of Foote is on the way to the scene fo action.  Gen'l Buell is ready for an advance on Bowling Green.  Gens. Rosecrans and Reynolds are to advance from Romeny to aid Gen. Banks who is probably to assist M'Clellan's army of the Potomac.  Thus it seems that several different points are to be attacked simultaneously and so the rebellion crushed.  By the blessing of God upon these measures we hope for success and that a just peace may soon be established.

Peggy's comments:
This entry shows how closely Julia read accounts in newspapers to follow the military movements.  And how fervently she hoped, as did many others, that the war would soon be over.

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