Monday, January 23, 2012

Thursday, Jan. 23

Last evening Kate sent a note saying that Fuller had telegraphed that Shoepf had a battle with the rebels, beat them and killed Zollicoffer.  
River falls very slowly, bank and road before the house and front yard are out of water this morning.  Clouds broken and occasional gleams of sunshine.  These winter freshets are attended by a damp chilly atmosphere which is sure to make one's tired limbs ache.  Several of our family were almost sick with influenza before and therefore were in no good trim to go through with the discomforts of a flood.  Still we have much to be thankful for, though the cellar has been two thirds full of water that is nothing to having it upon the first floor.  The walls of the house, too, are not wet as in the flood of 1860 which I think must have been four or five feet higher than this.

Peggy's comments:
The battle that Julia heard news of by way of a note from her niece Kate Dawes took place in eastern Kentucky.  For more details, here's a link from the American Battle Protection Program of the National Park Service.

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