Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tuesday, Jan. 21

The boys with Mr. Call and Mr. Franey slept little last night.  They found the water rose about four inches an hour during the night.  Took the horses to the hill at midnight and put the corn aloft in the barn and many other matters secured.  This morning the water was in the garden about the port royal apple tree but was not rising so fast as during the night.  From nine this mornng till three in the afternoon it was rising steadily two and a half inches an hour.  We have John and George and Roberts and Franey and Call at work.  They have cleared the cellar, brought the potatoes from the field, secured some corn in the shack, &c.  The weather is cooler, no rain but a little snow flying in the air.  From three o'clock till nine at night it rose just two inches an hour, at ten it rose an inch and a half when we went to bed.  Kate, Annie and Sarah crossed over in the skiff before night to stay at Mr. Burgess' until the water subsides.  The water began to soak into the cellar during the evening and the well also to fill by water which came through the ground and trickled down the sides.  I called at W. D. Bailey's this afternoon.

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