Saturday, March 17, 2012

Monday, March 17, 1862

Lucy went home this morning and Marion came on the evening train.  She will stay and help finish the contents of the box.
One of the most desparate battles of the war was fought at Pea Ridge, Arkansas, between our troops under Gen. Curtis and the combined rebel forces of Rice, McCullouch, McIntosh and Pike, and commanded by Van Dorn.  The fight continued three days.  On Saturday March 8th the rebels fled and were pursued by Gen. Sigel and are now beyond Boston (?) Mountains.  Our loss is 1400, killed and wounded.  The rebel loss is greater.  Among the killed are McCulloch and McIntosh.  We suppose Andrew McClure was in this battle and wait anxiously to hear of his safety.  Pike's Indians scalped and mangled our dead soldiers.  Mr. Cone's folks have just heard of the death of Ellen Peck.

Peggy's notes:
The battle at Pea Ridge, Arkansas involved 10,500 Union troops and 16,000 Confederates.  Read an account of the battle here.  About 100 Cherokee had been persuaded to fight on the side of the Confederates.  Read more about them here.

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