Monday, March 19, 2012

Wednesday, March 19, 1862

Not so pleasant, cloudy.  Mrs. Eliza Fullerton and Miss Martha Colville visited us today.  Gen. Burnside for whom so much anxiety was felt after the evacuation of Manassas, is safe and on the 14th of this month achieved a splendid victory with his New England troops.  They took by storm the enemies' works near Newbern defended by 10,000 rebels.  He captured three batteries of field artillery, forty-six siege guns, large stores of ammunitions, 3000 stand of small arms and 200 prisoners.  The city of Newbern is in our possession.  There has been also another victory in Arkansas, at Salem by Col. Wood of the Federal Army.

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To read about the battle at New Bern, North Carolina, go here.

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