Monday, March 26, 2012

Wednesday, March 26, 1862

Kate went to see Maggie.  She found Mr. Burgess greatly excited over the mobbing of Wendell Phillips at Pike's Opera House.  It was a disgrace to Cincinnati and injures the miscreants themselves more than it does Phillips or the cause he advocates.  O that the wickedness of the wicked might come to an end!  This afternoon, Lizzie, Kate and the children went in the buggy and called on Mrs. Goff, Mrs. Blackinton and Miss Mary Jones who is till at her house, Mrs. and Miss Greenwood and Mrs. A. S. Bailey and her little babe.

Julia's journal

Peggy's comments:
Dyer Burgess was the step-father of Lizzie Cutler and lived nearby.  Rev. Burgess was outspoken in his  opposition to slavery and no doubt was greatly agitated by the mobbing of Wendell Phillips while giving a speech in Cincinnati.  Read the account given in the NY Times here, and an account in the Covington Journal on March 29.

Pike's Opera House in Cincinnati

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