Saturday, March 3, 2012

Monday, March 3, 1862

Mr. Scott went on the cars this morning.  A very disagreeable day, raining and snowing.  Mr. Briggs called and said it was reported in town that there was fighting at Manasas, Saturday.  Sarah went through the mud and rain to W. D. Bailey's to find out more about it.  Nothing could be ascertained but that such a rumor was current in Marietta.  Firing of cannon at Parkersburg said to be for a victory at Winchester.  
Gen. Lander is dead.  He was wounded at Edwards Ferry some months ago but has been almost constantly engaged since not giving himself time to get well.  He was the bravest of the brave, perfectly reckless of personal danger.  His patriotism was the leading impulse of his life.  All true men will mourn his loss.

Peggy's comments:
Here is an article which appeared in Harper's Weekly about General Lander after his death.

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