Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thursday, March 20, 1862

Mrs. Joel Deming called with some canned fruit and some bandages, &c., to be sent in the box.  We finished all and packed a large box with clothing and bedding, and a smaller one with canned fruits and jellies.  May they be a blessing to the sick and wounded and be attended by healing influences.  The box had in it two quilts, one comfort, one blanket, three pairs of sheets, seven pairs of pillow cases, six feather pillows, twelve dressing gowns, twelve pairs carpet slippers, nine shirts, four pairs drawers, four dozen napkins and several bundles of cloths for dressing wounds, etc.
There is a severe and protracted fight going on at Island No. 10 in the Mississippi River.  Mrs. A. S. Bailey has another daughter born yesterday.

Peggy's Comments:
Women contributed many items including quilts for use by soldiers.  The Sanitary Commission collected and distributed items to Union soldiers, frequently stamping the following insignia on the backs of quilts.

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