Thursday, March 22, 2012

Saturday, March 22, 1862

The air has been filled with snow nearly all day -- melting almost as soon as it reaches the ground.  A letter from William, he writes that Rufus has returned to his old camping ground at Arlington Heights, and is under orders to march into Washington city and go on board transports, probably destined to reinforce Burnside.  This however, is uncertain.  No doubt trying scenes await him  May God keep him from the pestilence that walketh in darkness and the destruction that wasteth at noonday.  May he have wisdom and courage to do do his whole duty and may God whose faithfulness our family has experienced through many generations, be to him and to Ephraim a present help in time of trouble.  Momentous events seem impending.  The army of the Potomac is in motion, and it is said that the rebels mean to take a new line of defence from Gordonsville to the Rappahannok where they are fortifying themselves.  These are the disciplined troops of Manassas and may be expected to fight.  If the army of the Potomac and that of Manassas meet, we may expect a fierce encounter.  But God giveth the victory, "He takes His cause in hand" not for our goodness for we are a sinful people, but for the sake of the poor and oppressed and for the glory of His great name.  Beauregard is mustering his forces in the southwest to meet Grant and Buell, and very soon we may hear of a bloody battle up the Tennessee or at Memphis.  Gen. Grant has taken command of the troops up the Tennessee.  He has been thus far very successful.

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  1. The "pestilence that walketh in darkness..." is a quotation of Psalm 91, from the King James Version.