Friday, March 2, 2012

Sabbath, March 2, 1862

Very stormy.  The whole earth covered with a coating of ice, every branch and twig is encased in the same which with the innumerable little icicles pendant therefrom give to tree and shrub a strange appearance.  The rain freezes as fast as it falls.  
Mr. Scott who spent last night at Mr. Briggs' came here and the storm continuing so as to prevent assembling at the meeting house, he spent the day here.  He is very anti-slavery.  I told him that I thought that the time had come when the honor of God's name required that He should show whether He was for slavery or against it, and I believed He would do it.  Mr. Scott thought that was saying a little too much.  I told him I could understand why God for two centuries should not interfere while the church and all Christian people when they spoke at all said it was a sin.  Our own Presbyterian church in 1818 said it was a sin and should be abolished.  But now the Southern Church claim that it is a Bible institution, ordained of God and we are to regard the slave trade abhorred by civilized man as a great missionary operation, and slavery as a school to bring Africans under the influence of the Gospel.  They say that God has placed slavery among them and they are doing the best they can with it, indeed are serving God with it.  If that is Christian doctrine then I have read my Bible in vain. The Southern Church has apostatized from the faith.

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