Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Friday, April 18, 1862

Kate and I are expecting to start to Pana, Ill. next Tuesday and are making ready.   LIzzie went up to help Maggie who is going out to Ill. with Lizzie Poage to visit at Mr. Poage's.

Peggy's comments:

Clara Cutler Walton, Julia's younger sister (and an aunt of Kate Dawes), lived in Pana, Illinois, with her husband Rev. James Walton.  Clara had five children, but in 1862, only three of them survived.

Lizzie Poage is the niece of Lizzie Cutler (Lizzie is married to William Cutler, Julia's brother)  and the granddaughter of Mrs. Burgess.  Lizzie Poage was fourteen years old in 1862 and was being raised by Mrs. Burgess but was going out to visit her father.  Her mother had died in childbirth.

Maggie is Lizzie Cutler's younger sister and Lizzie Poage's aunt.  Maggie was 26 and unmarried in 1862.

Pana, Illinois was approximately 500 miles from Warren township where the Cutlers lived.

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