Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thursday, April 10, 1862.

Annie quite sick last night.  Lizzie went to town with William.  A committee starts tomorrow for Pittsburg Landing in Tennessee, the scene of the late dreadful battle, to look after Washington County boys.  Dr. Frank Hart goes to look after Ephe.  We have heard nothing from him yet, and are very anxious.  They are preparing a box to send him by Dr. Hart.  Lizzie sent up by William [smudged and unreadable.]  I have been copying for William.

Peggy's comments:
Ephe is Julia's nephew, Ephraim Dawes.

Julia sometimes assisted her brother William in his railroad business as well as in his duties as a Member of the House of Representatives.  Later, she and William would collaborate on a book about their father, Ephraim Cutler.

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