Monday, April 30, 2012

Wednesday, April 30, 1862

We rose early.  Maggie and Lizzie started this morning at six o'clock on the Illinois Central R. R. for Monmouth whence they will have a ride by stage of twenty five miles to Aledo the home of Rev. J. S. Poage whom they are going to visit.  Rev. Mr. McGill will be their escort as far as El Paso.  Clara and I drove to the mounds and had pleasant views of Pana and the surrounding country, rolling prairie.  The peach trees are in blossom.  We were invited to attend the Baptist sewing circle at Mr. Bradley's but did not go.  Mrs. Jorr (a Louisiana lady originally, now married to a Mississippian and living on a large farm near Pana) called with Mrs. Brigham to see us.  Mrs. Jorr is beautiful and has a well cultivated mind.  Her husband once wealthy is just now greatly embarrassed.  They still own slaves at Baton Rouge and are probably, secretly, Southern sympathizers, as are many others in this region, some openly avowing their delight at rebel successes and Union reverses.  A great many of the loyal men have enlisted so that the traitors here, have probably the majority.
Mr. Walton took me a drive over the prairies several miles.  I saw for the first time the prairie chickens.  As we came homeward the sun set amid clouds of purple and gold sinking down beyond the prairie a scene more beautiful than I can describe and one not soon to be forgotten.

Peggy's comments:
Aledo is in Iowa and is about 200 miles northwest of Pana, Illinois.

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