Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tuesday, April 8, 1862

William has gone to Chillicothe today.  Kate and Annie have gone to Marietta to attend a missionary convention.  Dr. Perkins of the Nestorian Mission, Dr. David Lindley of the African Mission and Rev. Mr. Treat, a member of the American Board of Foreign Missions are expected to be present.  Last night the rain fell heavily, and today has been very rainy, so may will be prevented from going who would have been interested in the meetings.
Commodore Foote is making progress at Island No. 10.  The gunboats Carondelet and Pittsburg have already run the blockade, and the Engineers have succeeded in getting four steamers and several barges across a slough.  So Gen. Pope has been enabled to throw several thousand men on to the rebel side of the river.

Peggy's comments:
Though her niece Kate Dawes and sister-in-law Lizzie Cutler, frequently made the 6 mile trip to Marietta, Julia rarely traveled.

News would soon reach Julia about the battle at Shiloh, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War and the one which shattered the view that the war would be won by a single decisive battle.  For an excellent article about why Shiloh matters, read the NY Times article which appeared on the Disunion blog.

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