Friday, April 13, 2012

Sabbath, April 13, 1862

Little Sarah sick this morning.  I staid at home with the children.  Charles Gates came down and brought a despatch from Mr. Gates saying that Dr. Hart and Mr. Curtis had gone on to Pittsburg Landing but that the others were not permitted to do so.  Great numbers of nurses were volunteering to go but were not permitted to do so; but the sick and wounded were being brought away as rapidly as possible.  He says the reports of the cowardice of the regiments to which I have referred are not confirmed and are generally doubted.  Reverend H. B. Scott here to dinner.  We sent him and Charlie Gates partway to town in the buggy.

Peggy's comments:
This marks the one year anniversary of Julia Cutler's journal.  I imagine that when she began it 151 years ago, she had no idea that the war would continue for as long as it did.

Charley Gates was the only son of Beman and Betsey Gates who lived in Marietta.  They also had two daughters, Mary and Betsey.  Charley was 17 years old at the time.
Charles Gates

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