Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saturday, April 19, 1862

Lucy came to spend the day.  George Cutter received a letter from his brother William this morning.  He passed through the terrible fight at Pittsburg Landing unharmed.  George goes home this afternoon to take the letter to his mother.  Sarah came down this evening and Lucy and Marion went up.  The feelings of the friends of the seventy seventh regiment have been deeply wounded by the report of Gen. Sherman on the Tuesday's fight, and by various reports which are circulated to the disadvantage of the regiment.  A list of two hundred and six names of the killed, wounded and missing of the 77th is published in the Cincinnati papers of today.  Three hundred of the regiment were in hospital before the fight began.  They have had a hard time.  A letter from Col. Hilderbrand since the fight, mainly in its tone, shows that he meant to do his duty and thought hat he had done it.  The feeling of indignation toward Grant and Sherman is strong.  The former was at Savanna on a drunken spree when his army was surprised and Sherman's neglect to throw out pickets and scouting parties deserve censure, also that he should put troops in the front who were raw and had only received their guns as they were on their way up the Tennessee River.

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Here's a link to contemporary accounts of the battles in Harper's Weekly.

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