Saturday, April 21, 2012

Monday, April 21, 1862

It is rainy and dreary outdoors.  There is a theory that heavy rains follow great battles.  This was true of Pittsburg Landing, but may not be of universal application.  We dread to hear of another battle.  The battle of Corinth must be a dreadful one when it is fought.  How blessed a thought it is that God reigns judging right.  To His all-sufficient care I commit wholly the dear friends whom he only can keep, and the cause of our country which I cannot help feeling is God's own controversy with the Slave States.  Will He not take care of His own?

Kate got a long and satisfactory letter from Ephe dated, April 13, this evening.  He is a brave boy and did his duty at the terrible conflict at Pittsburg Landing.

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