Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Friday, May 2nd, 1862

New Orleans is ours, it is said.  No battle yet at Corinth tho' we dread every day to hear of another dreadful conflict.
Mr. and Mrs. Munsell with all their children arrived about 8 o'clock this morning.  We were very glad to see them as there seemed to be no way for us to go to Williamstown where they now live, the road being impassable for a one horse buggy and Kate not able to bear the fatigue of the ride.  She is almost sick today.  Mr. Munsell has bought property near Tower Hill on the Terre Haute R. R. on which he expects to erect a house this summer.  I shall be rejoiced to hear of their being settled in a home of their own again.  Their baby Louisa is a beautiful child six or seven months old.
Mary has on the back of her left hand a bump which she fears is a cancer.  I hope it may prove not to be.  She has been trying remedies which she believes are benefiting it.

Peggy's comments:
Mary Dean Munsell is another niece of Julia's.  She is the daughter of Julia's half-sister, Mary Polly Cutler Dean.

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