Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saturday, May 17, 1862

Went back to Mrs. Dawes this morning and in the forenoon called on Miss Mary C. Nye and Mrs. Temple Cutler.  Lucy came home with me.  Mr. Burgess on the cars, also Hugh B. Scott our preacher, Mr. B. heard Mr. Scott's name and mistaking him for Lieutenant Scott asked him if he was the Scott who was shot through the heart? -- At Scotts Landing Mr. and Mrs. Perry and daughter joined us on their way to visit us.  

Peggy's comments:
Rev. Burgess was a close neighbor and the step-father of Lizzie Cutler.  In 1862 he was 77 years old and was occasionally confused and cantankerous.  He frequently visited the Cutler home and Julia often read newspapers to him.

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