Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tuesday, May 20, 1862

Kate and Marion went to town.  Letters from William and Rufus.  Betsey Bailey and Mrs. Harvey Deming called.

Peggy's comments:
In the aftermath of Julia's visit to her sister Clara in Pana, Illinois, her journal entries are spare and concerned with visiting neighbors.  The war, however, is about to intrude.

William Cutler, Juila's brother, is a Congressman from Ohio.  Rufus Dawes, Julia's nephew, is with the Army of the Potomac which has been in and around Washington, D. C, for about a year.  Lincoln will soon tire of General McClellan's claim that he needs more men and more time to prepare for battle.

Rufus writes that on Saturday, May 17th, 
the regiment was fully supplied with white leggings, black felt hats adorned with feathers, and white cotton gloves.  These decorations were received with the greatest merriment, but we wall felt proud of the fine appearance of the battalion.. . . .General Gibbon attended our dress parade to-day, and the regiment was in 'fine feather'.  

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