Thursday, May 10, 2012

Saturday, May 10, 1862

The omnibus came for us after breakfast and we made our adieus to Mrs. Walton who has treated us very kindly and we drove through street after street of lofty buildings, some of them very handsome, down to the wharf where a fleet of steamboats lay at anchor and thence away to the depot.  Here Mr. Walton and Fred bade us goodby and we soon found ourselves moving out of the city homeward.  This train had Mr. Brock for conductor.  We admired the hills clothed in all the beauty of spring matured, and thought that even the beautiful prairie land could furnish nothing more desirable or lovely than the Ohio Valley.  We stopped a few moments at Camp Dennison where two or three ladies who had come up from the city got off with their nicely packed baskets and a bundle of daily papers for the sick and convalescent soldiers.  A large number of soldiers stood on the platform at the station, some evidently wounded.  A coffin was put on the train here, going to sadden some soldier's home.  The cars stopped at Chillicothe for dinner.  Mrs. Walton had given us some nice sandwiches so we did not leave the cars.
At Athens, Mrs. Dickey and Charlie came on board and this added to the pleasure of the remainder of our journey.  At Scotts Landing we found Lucy, Emeline and William McClure, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Hart, H. B. Scott, etc., on the train, all glad to see us.  In a few minutes we were at Consitution, glad once more to see and be at the old Homestead.  Found Lizzie and the children well.  Nancy had some nice waffles ready for our supper.

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