Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Friday, May 9, 1862 (In Cincinnati)

A little after seven in the morning Kate and I accompanied by Mrs. Joshua Walton went out on a shopping expedition.  We visited innumerable milinery establishments on Fourth and Fifth streets, also dry goods stores.  The Opera House is a magnificent building, the finest in this city which has no lack of fine buildings.  Passed through the Fifth street market and saw many things new and interesting to me.  I returned with Mrs. Walton to her house a little after noon "tired almost to death" with five hours shopping.  I got a mantle at Wilson's and a bonnet at Mrs. Ayers who claims to be miliner to Mrs. Lincoln.  Kate, however, with Fred spent two more hours in completing her purchases when she came back quite exhausted.  We were glad to sit still and rest ourselves in Mrs. Walton's nice easy chairs.  Our purchases came home in the course of the evening.  This is my first day in a city and I find it very fatiguing.  We made our purchases mostly at Shillito's, Wilson's, Hopkin's, and Gassage and Deland's.
Pike's Opera House in Cincinnati

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