Friday, May 4, 2012

Sabbath, May 4, 1862

Rev. Mr. Gordon of Vandalia, N.S., Presbyterian preached a sermon on the state of the country from the text Luke 22:53 "but this is your hour and the power of darkness," a good and patriotic discourse.  He is a native of Ireland, whole souled and impulsive and preaches what he knows to be unpalatable to his hearers who have secession sympathies.
Mr. Walton went to the Knobs seven or eight miles north of here in Shelby county, to preach today.  He saw some people setting the prairie on fire and tonight we had a fine spectacle.  From the night of our arrival until now almost every evening a fire might be seen in some direction, but tonight there are three or four.  The people here scarcely pay any attention to them.  They are common at this season.  A traveled road, a ploughed field, or even a few furrows are sufficient to stop the progress of the fire.  The prairies are traversed by roads in almost every direction so the flames do not run very far and seldom to mischief.  I went with Clara and Mr. Walton to evening meeting.  Pleasant moonlight.

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