Friday, March 20, 2015

Monday March 20 1865

The river did not rise many inches during the night.  The water spread over the western corner of the garden and ran along the paths and came through the barnyard into the door yard — but came to a stand this morning  and has fallen but very little all day.  Still it is really receding — leisurely —
William started to Cincinnati on Rail-Road business — We are very thankful to escape with only the removal of some fence.  This rise is said to come principally from the Alleghenny — Disastrous floods are reported in Pennsylvania New York and East-ward —
A large old sycamore which has stood beneath the bank from time immemorial, this morning is gone a subject of regret to all the household — It was a great [unreadable] place for birds of every kind — I have often seen the Bald eagles perched on its lightning scathed limbs — but the flood has swept it away —         

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