Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wednesday, March 8 1865

After Sarah and Lucy Bailey had recited their lessons, Mrs. Cutler took Sarah in the carriage to spend the day at her grand-mothers -- I read the Daily Gazette to Mr. Burgess as usual.  Put the house in order, watered my plants, wrote a little, worked four hours in the garden.  Gave Alice Scott a variety of flower roots and shrubs.  Mrs. Ann Briggs Reppert called.  Rained in the evening.  William has spent yesterday and today with the County Commissioners on Railroad affairs -- one of them J. J. Hollister, was disposed to do right but the other two were stubborn and unreasonable, at last one of them gave in -- but the third a Mr. Thomas was of the same opinion still, however the majority carried the question.
Linly Wilcox came to-night to take the cattle out to the Old Farm.  John Kunz brought me a note from Lucy.  The curtains have come safely.  I was vaccinnated.

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