Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sabbath March 19. 1865.

This morning the river rises three inches an hour which is too fast for this stage of water.  and we dread a visit from the Ohio in our house.  A great deal of drift passing, also bridges, boats, hay, fodder &c — about noon the water was in the west corner of the garden.  In the after noon the whole river smelt so strongly of petroleum that the scent filled the house and on going to the bank the oil was plainly seen spread over the surface.  Some of the neighbors have caught barrels of oil drifting down.  We have heard of the “Pumpkin flood” & the “Ice flood” & now we have the oil flood — The same peculiar smell was noticed on the back water, we shall have a top dressing of oil on our fields.
Our folks went to meeting, Mr Curtis came up on a hand-car but did not have more than a dozen or fifteen hearers.
Toward sundown the water rose only two inches an hour and at bed time an inch & a half.  So we hope it will soon come to a stand —

Mr Burgess came and invited our guests to spend the night at his house as they wish to go on the train and it is thought the road near Mr Burgess which is the highest point in the swampy tract will be submerged before morning.

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