Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Saturday March 4” 1865

William got home this morning between 3 and 4 o’clock     the train being delayed by the engine of a construction train (the Wm P. Cutler) being off the track the other side of Vincents -- The women of Athens who obstructed the railroad have agreed to let the track alone for the present, and General Hooker has recalled the soldiers who were sent to guard the Railroad --  William went to Marietta today but came home on the Accommodation and went to meeting expecting preparatory lectures but Mr. Curtis was not there and so we had a prayer meeting.  The river is rising quite rapidly -- it rained hard all last night, and the bridges below here are under water --
To-day Abraham Lincoln is for the second time inaugurated President of these United States -- and under much happier auspices than four years ago.  The rebellion has we trust nearly run its course.  All things look favorable for the course of freedom & humanity.

In many places the inauguration hour is to be spent in the churches where prayer will be offered in behalf of the President, the Government & the cause.  May God hear & & bless our Country.

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