Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Saturday March 18 1865

William went to town but came home to dinner  James Walton with him, both went back to town on the three o’clock train.  William came back from the station to tell me that the back water was just beginning to run over the turnpike bridge and appeared to be rising fast.  he told me to set a mark and if it rose more than four inches an hour to tell John to remove the stock to hill, and if it kept on rising rapidly to clear the cellar.  The next hour it rose four and a half inches — John accordingly took the hogs & cattle that were on the bottom to the hill — the water rose regularly four inches an hour till bedtime — Mis Cheny & James Carlin came on the afternoon train to spend the sabbath.  They went to Belpre yesterday — Martha Colville came home from W. D. Baileys to-night.   —  We have not cleared the cellar but may have to do so yet —

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