Monday, March 9, 2015

Thursday March 9, 1865

William started to Chillicothe today.  We learn from B. C. Bailey who came in on the train last night a trestle this side of Vincents has been so much injured by the heavy rains and frost that it is no longer passable.  A freight train behind the passenger train had four cars thrown down and smashed up.  They were loaded with whiskey, bacon, and hard crackers --  Mrs. Hall sent her colored man for shrub and flower roots -- gave him a large basket-full -- Then came two boys named Lukins from Barlow -- they wanted “fruit” but after being supplied with roots of the rasperberry, gooseberry, quince & cherry trees  they did not disdain some roses & tulips--
Col. Dawes and his lady came down on accommodation and took dinner.  The Colonel is an invalid just now but not seriously sick.  He has begun to build his house, has men at work on the foundation.

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