Monday, March 16, 2015

Thursday March. 16, 1865

There has more rain fallen this forenoon than often happens here.  The swamp looks like a small river and the fields have large ponds of water and the water is pouring down the gullies on the hill-side in torrents.  William went to-day with Mr. Waddle the chief engineer to walk over the track this side of Athens.  At Vincents Station they heard that a freight train had broken a wheel and demolished a small tresstle the other side of Federal Creek.  The train was bound West.  William & Mr. Waddle got on to an engine and went to the scene of the disaster where they found four cars with their freight of soda, sugar, hard ware, &c., &c. smashed up and jambed into a gully.  They went to work getting out freight, & loading other cars working in the rain & mud.  William came home late, his panteloons mud to the knee, and his coat in not much better plight.  Nancy staid all night at Mr. Burgess’s.

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