Friday, April 3, 2015

Monday April 3d 1865

The water is again over the bridges below here.  I called on Mrs. Maria (Bailey) Shipmans at W. D. Baileys‘ — she is here on a visit from Kansas.  She had her thigh broken last fall, and goes on crutches, she came with two grand-children, Hattie Everett, and Freddie Shipman.  She looks feeble, but has a wonderful amount of energy, and is enthusiastic in her liking for Kansas — Persons of industrious habits who are able to “rough it” are wise to try their fortunes at the West.  Old Mrs. Reynolds here for rose bushes &c.  gave them to her.
We have heard cannon firing at Marietta this afternoon and supposed that “good news” had been received.  Mr. Wm D. McClure called and told us that Richmond was taken by Gen. Weitzels colored troops this morning at 8 o’clock & Petersburg is also in our hands.  To-day’s Gazette says that the army of the Potomac after four days heavy fighting has gained the South Side Railroad which they are destroying, have captured 12,000 prisoners & Fifty cannon — Sheridan is there with his own Cavalry and we have achieved brilliant successes — and may hope for more good news — The 5” army Corps (Warrens’) in which Rufus served, co-opperated with Sheridan — Let us be thankful.

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