Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sabbath April 30 1865

Mr. Curtis preached from the text “Come for all things are now ready.”
This month of April 1865 has been one of the most noticable in the history of this Country for the remarkable events which have been crowded into it.  Among which are the taking of Richmond & Petersburg, the surrender of Robert E. Lee and the Northern Army of Virginia, the elevation of the flag upon Fort Sumter and the day of rejoicing and Thanksgiving followed by the cowardly assasination of the President Abraham Lincoln, and the attempt to murder Wm H. Seward Secretary of State, and several members of his family.  Sherman’s great mistake in his way of negotiating with Breckenridge and Johnston — The capture of Booth, the infamous murderer, and of his accomplice Harold, The Surrender of Johnston and his Army to Grant.  The fearful disaster on the Steamer Sultana by which near 1500 soldiers lost their lives.  We believe that the War is essentially over — “Thanks be to God who giveth to us the Victory” — may we use it for his glory, and the benefit of our fellow men.

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