Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Saturday April 8.” 1865

James Walton came on the Accommodation train.  He says that yesterday it was reported that Lee had surrendered or been captured and all Marietta went wild over the news.  The cannons were fired, every bell in town was rung and every thing that could make a noise from a penny whistle to a tin pan was brought into requisition — It was a spontaneous outburst of feeling —
Mr. W. D. McClure also came and told us that Sheridan had certainly captured a large number of officers & men and that later in the day Lee surrendered — James & the girls Sarah Parker, Anna McLean & Sarah Cutler demonstrated their joy by blowing the conch shell, beating the drum, blowing the whistle, beating upon tin pans, ringing bells and marching around with the flag, and singing “The battle cry of Freedom” huzzaing &c — it was a rather uproarious time — but pardonable in the circumstances — — —The Misses Parker & James P. Walton went back to town on the afternoon train — Kate and William got home on the evening train — and told us that the news of Lee’s surrender was premature!

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