Monday, April 6, 2015

Thursday April 6” 1865

Mary Parker, Annie McLean & Sarah went to the Pine Point to take a view of the country.  Maggie Voris came down on the 11 o’clock train from town.  She & Lucy Dawes were at the wedding of Sarah Andrews this morning at President Andrews‘ — She was married to Capt William Holden who is in the Quartermasters’ Department of Philadelphia.  We have our preparations for the Circle nicely made — Nancy baked the chicken and the cakes, and tarts &c, all right.  We had a beautiful table, and every thing was good — The canned peaches were delicious.  We invited them to-day on Kate’s account — Those who came were Rev. Mr. Curtis, Mrs. McClure & Emeline, Mrs Anne B. Reppert, Mrs. W. D. Bailey and Lucy, Mrs. George W. Bailey, Mrs. Burgess, & Maggie & Eliza, Mrs. McGill, Alice Scott, Miss Susan Daniels, Mrs A. S. Bailey & Louisa Carpenter, Mrs Harriet D. Wilson & Mary, Mr & Mrs Dickey, Mrs. Lucy Hart, Mrs Joel Deming, Mrs. Blackinton & Alice — Kate, Anna McLean & Mary Parker.  It was quite a pleasant Circle.  Nancy & Martha Colville, Mrs. Cutler, Sarah and I were also to be added to the number.  Mary Parker went home with Mrs A. S. Bailey.  The rain fell after they had all gone.  I was thankful it did not come sooner. 

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