Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tuesday April 25 1865

Lucy came down and proposed that I should go home with her —  which I thought I could not do, but she said I could —  & I did —  Was introduced on the cars to Gen. B. D. Fearing and his sister Mrs. Norton.  The General served under Sherman in his Carolina campaign and is now at home on furlough    he is wounded in his right hand at Bentonville. Ike Johnson was also on the cars — There was also a man whose appearance was so singular and his actions so strange we thought him insane.   Mr. Johnson said he was a man from Jackson Co Va who had come to Parkersburg with $800 belonging to his brother to pay a debt — In that place he fell among thieves who first got him drunk and then gambled his money all away from him.  As soon as he became sober he was greatly distressed, and was with difficulty prevented from taking his own life — Some young men who were acquainted with him, were now taking him home. 
Every body is discussing and denouncing Sherman’s amnesty with the rebel Johnston — No body likes it & it is pronounced a “false step” which is likely to tumble Sherman, who was becoming one of the idols of the people, headlong — 

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