Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wednesday April 19 1865

Mrs. Waldron, Miss Ann Waldron and Mrs W. D. Bailey called.  The Waldron family are refugees from Virginia, they are Presbyterians now loyal .  Mr. Waldron is a Railroad man and has a contract on the bridge which is to be constructed across the Ohio river at Parkersburg.  They have been living in brother Daniels old house, but they are moving to Parkersburg to-day —
About 11 o’clock the ‘Wild Wagoner’ came and the Waldron’s & the Bowhans got on with their furniture and goods — and Mrs. Cutler, Sarah & Maggie got off.  They had a very pleasant trip.  The ‘Wild Wagoner’ is one of the finest boats on the river and is said to have cost with its furniture $150,000.  Capt. Drown gave the whole party including Kate & Annie ‘free tickets‘ — He said that Mr. Cutler had done much more than that for him, and he was glad to have an opportunity to make some return to his family &c. &c.  Mrs. Cutler got new bonnets in Wheeling for her self and me, second mourning and very pretty — She got Sarah a beautiful hat of white straw, narrow brim trimmed with blue ribins & white feathers & heads of wheat in front — The bonnets worn this spring are very different from those worn last year, and much prettier I think.  They are not so high in front, fitting closely to the head, and generally without frills behind instead of which there is an arrangement of long loops and ends of ribin — I have seen some without crowns, shaped like a three cornered handkerchief with two ends meeting under the chin, and the third point behind with loops of ribin to conceal the back hair — We shall still wear our black crape bonnets until summer comes —

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