Monday, April 20, 2015

Thursday April 20 1865

We are having a very early spring the apple orchards are all in bloom.   We had lettuce from the garden today on our table.  Mrs Dawes was here to dinner.  
 Mrs Cutler & little Sarah took tea at Mr Burgess‘ — Maggie Voris went to Cincinnati today to be gone a week or two.  Mrs. A. S. Bailey and Mrs. W. D. Bailey called to consult about the propriety of draping our church with black on account of the President’s death — There is no one connected with our church who is not wholly loyal, and I am sure it would be agreeable to their feelings to have it done.  The Mrs Baileys said they would go to town to morrow and get materials, and some directions how the thing is to be done so as to have it accomplished before next sabbath.

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